comic-con 2013.

as i mentioned in the post before this, i had some photos to show for comic-con this year. the four days rushed by quickly and left everything a foggy haze by monday morning. amongst the most memorable were seeing some fantastic people; chris hardwick (the nerdist), james mcavoy, geof darrow, jason gaan (wilfred), george r.r. martin (a song of ice & fire series), patrick warburton and the venture bros. crew, sharknado crew, anna druyan, neil degrasse tyson, bill nye (the science guy ), pendleton ward (adventure time), and probably the most memorable for me personally, keir dullea (2001: a space odyssey ).

so here we go, follow along; 


here's some typical h-hall  madness. this is pretty much like this every day. i took this from the overpass bridge that points north-to-south. this is facing west.


if you've never been to comic-con, you may be surprised to think that this is actually pretty empty for the convention. most of the streets are filled every inch with sweaty, human bodies.


gotta love the san diego trolly transport system. these guys are life-savers! 


here's a typical image of chris hardwick, creator of the nerdist  (awesome site, btw) – and all things creative. he narrated most of the panels i saw at the con. i also unexpectantly bumped into him while walking on the sidewalk. this is not uncommon at this convention, as you can't help but bump into just about everyone. he was very warm and friendly and i got to give him a high-five, ha.


being a diehard obsessed human about kubrick's 2001: a space odyssey , i about fainted when running into keir dullea – main star of the film! this was unexpected as my girlfriend Q, had just called me over to a non-busy booth.

the first thing i saw were prints from the film, and i figured it was another merchant selling cheap merch for films. comic-con often has signed autographed prints you can buy, and there are hundreds! so imagine my surprise when i engaged in conversation with this sweet older man who talked to me very sincerely, asking if i'd like to see any of the photos. it hit me about a minute later, once dullea said “do you understand who it is your speaking to?” – mind you, this wasn't said in a tone of “do you know who i am?! ” – but more of a genuine question, as i am sure he's gotten many starry-eyed fans gawking at him over the years. once i saw his bright blue eyes i knew who the actor was, asked if i could shake his hand, and promptly got a photo with him.

it was an incredible experience, and partly because we weren't rushed! the booth was nearly empty; just Q and i speaking to him and taking our time.


this is where comic-con took off for me; the panel of cosmos: a timespace odyssey ! it starred anna druyan, neil degrasse tyson, and brannon braga. the sole purpose of the panel was to discuss their upcoming remake of carl sagan's popular cosmos  (1980), and to take questions about anything (which ended up with a great deal of science topics).

the panel was drastically too short; just under an hour – but it was enough to satisfy me, as being near the front taking photos and filming was exciting. tyson made a call out to a friend who turned out to be...


mr. bill nye – the science guy! imagine the audience's surprise when he stood up! i got a quick video of him standing and basking in the glory. he's a popular guy and has done a lot for science. all around, the whole panel was just a fervor of energy; people straining to hear every word that came out of these guys' mouths. druyan was such a sweetheart and very thorough on answering questions, whereas tyson added quick jokes here and there and never ceased to capture people's wonder. it was a fantastic time that i'll never forget!

along with the incredible science panel, i also enjoyed watching breaking bad's  very last panel! it wasn't as sad as i had thought it would be, more of the same cranston-comedy and fantastic interviews. cranston came out onto the stage looking exactly like his character; heisenberg, and revealed moments later that it was a prosthetic mask! it was a riot later into the panel, when he chose to put the mask on the mic; talking into his own characters mouth.

i had the chance to film the entire panel, but found this video (above) to be a much better version – so enjoy! 


my great friend, emii, was at comic-con this year and had this incredible mech suit built that she could walk around in! it was awesome and she had more than a few hundred people getting pics of her. i'm not sure how she made it out, ha. i took this shot of her when we were getting around in the morning.


i wanted to leave this image for last, as i feel it sums up how my comic-con experience went. if you look closely on the pirate ship, you may recognize the logo for the upcoming assassin's creed: black flag  video game! the ship was real too; you could take a tour on it. for me though, this sunset marked the end of a crazy and completely enjoyable four days!