the great maple.

just off of washington street & lincoln avenue, lies a new kind of cafe; the great maple ( boasting “a simple declaration and appreciation for seasonal produce, responsible seafood and farm fresh american meat”, the great maple is anything but tacky.

not too long ago, this location held a run-down american cafe, complete with old coffee and waitresses. the great maple has breathed life into this area of hillcrest; sporting petite choice meals and one heck of a vibrant atmosphere.

going to the great maple was easy; we drove up lincoln avenue, parked, and walked over. it was a rainy day and the lighting was just right for a few quick shots:

GreatMaple01 edit1.png
GreatMaple02 edit1.png

as you can see, this restaurant has a certain pride and aesthetic to it that scream northern california or portland oregon. most of the stationary is brown recycled paper with a branding that is full of stamped ink icons, maple-colored wood, and cheery green plants.

GreatMaple03 edit1.png

although we went on whim, Q and i weren't particularly hungry for a full meal, and decided to give into our “once a month” promise of treating ourselves. i think the great maple deserves all the credit for best dessert of 2013.

GreatMaple04 edit1.png

it's simple called: the maple doughnut. it comes complete with bacon pieces that have just the right texture, a house-made maple frosting – and even that couldn't top the incredible bread that held it altogether. the bread was incredibly moist; not dry at all, and almost had a bourbon flavor to it (did you guys sneak that in?!). each petite bite was just the right amount of sweet, and surprising enough; didn't leave you with a weighted-down heavy stomach.

all in all, for a treat, or for one of their promising meals, try out the great maple. if you're hungry or just want to go for a relaxing visit, this is the place! website here, facebook here, follow them here. i am happy to have this near our neighborhood!