healthy food: casa de luz.

last week, i hit up one of my favorite restaurants; casa de luz. it's probably the healthiest food i've had at any one restaurant; 100% organic, vegan, macrobiotic, and gluten-free. the way luz works is; you show up, buy an entree and that's it! everyday they have something new to try, so going again will be a different experience. you end up leaving with a smile on your face, and for good reason; the staff treats you fantastically, and the food leaves you feel satisfied and healthy. i could not recommend it more. below is an example of the entree i had – look at all that veggie-goodness! also, for dessert, i got one of their oatmeal cookies. the flavor and texture was phenomenal.


overall, i give casa de luz a 10/10. compared to all the restaurants in san diego that i have visited over the last 8 years, they are the only ones i know that offer classes about cooking and healthy living.

compare this with their hospitality, and quite honestly, who wouldn't give them a 10/10? if you're in the north park neighborhood, look for the north park signature sign and you'll see them on the north side of the street. give them a chance... you won't be disappointed. and go hungry! ;)