elysium: short talk, screens, trailer.

as far as science fiction goes... oblivion and elysium are two entertainment movies i'd like to check out before summer fully hits. oblivion only for the visuals and the score (brought to you by the ethereal m83), and elysium for director blomkamp's vision. he directed the giant district 9 a few years ago, and it still stands tall (even with the copious amounts of cgi).

on one hand, i think oblivion will probably be a big waste of time... anytime hollywood can slap a 'cruise' on a movie, they know they will make the big bucks. i'm not sure it will be a disaster... i think the story will be pretty womp womp filled with some mediocre amount of action and morgan freeman's face. oh, and, let us not forget cruise' epic running scenes. as much as i feel tom cruise is always playing tom cruise... he does an intense job at it, so i have to hand it to him there.

back to elysium! it seems to me that blomkamp said to the studios... “welp, since you didn't let me have halo, i'm going to continue making awesome sci-fi... that is actually worth a damn, not devoid of a storyline, or full of vapid characters.”

i am hoping i am right. while elysium is still looking like a blockbuster at this point... i'm not trying to analyze it too much. the plot feels pretty basic, at least according to the trailer that was released today by yahoo. however, i'm going to enjoy the visuals for now. here's to blomkamp, damon, and foster who are spearheading this film. oh, and who could forget sharlto copley?! that guy can act! somebody give this man another lead-character role!


as you can see... elysium is, uhm, well, shiny! there were a few explosions, but i decided to go with some different screenshots. also, how great is copley sporting a beard... with what looks to be some type of sword?

also, i'd like to point out that both elysium and oblivion have great typefaces. i am glad somebody in the marketing department is paying attention to the branding of these films! if you're reading this hollywood, regardless of how these movies turn out, thank you for picking custom-made logos. no more bank gothic typeface on movies, please... i don't think i can handle it.

we need more of this:


and less of this ten-minute “designed” garbage;


you've waited long enough! here is the full trailer (in 1080p!):