science: the pursuit of all curiosities.

it's not a secret that i am a lover of the cosmos and science. watching a recent two-part youtube film, “the great debate: the storytelling of science” tonight was so invigorating, funny, charming, and downright inspirational. if you have a full 2 hours and 15 minutes lying around... i highly suggest checking out part one and part two!

  image credit:  youtube / black chalk productions © 2013

image credit: youtube / black chalk productions © 2013

my heroes were all on stage in this video; my childhood favorite; bill nye (the science guy), the recent modern-awesomeness that is neil degrasse tyson (can that man ever not be so cool? i just have to give him a high-five some day), as well as the always-informational richard dawkins, the jovial brian greene, and a welcome surprise; incredibly talented author, neal stephenson. there were a few others on stage i wasn't too familiar with, but nonetheless - amazing show all around.

i couldn't be happier with the state of science today. technology was meant for a way to make a positive impact on us humans, and in todays' timeframe, being able to share our curiosities, our passion and drive, and most importantly; our questions and (hopefully) our answers... we're able to come together more than ever and share our discoveries and our adventures. whether it be the silliness of nye or the energy of tyson or the thoroughness of dawkins, it is continually proven that we have curious minds with curious insights – and that excites me to be inspired and encourage others to be inspired as well.

continue to seek, continue to explore, and never stop asking questions!