bioshock infinite.

this game is just phenomenal. had the pleasure of getting the "premium edition" and beating the game within the week. i loved it. the correlation between all the other bioshock's is very thought-provoking! i think irrational games has really outdone themselves this time, and i cannot help but consider what might be next in store for the bioshock franchise.

the new dlc's will be coming out... apparently mid-2014 according to the in-game message at the start of bioshock infinite. that's a shame! wish it were sooner. my only caveat: the game was fairly short for me. and important to note, i explored every faction of the game! i came out with 32 of 50 achievements and have begun to work backwards on some chapters to obtain the rest of the achievement count.

i think the next will be trying to beat the game on 1999 mode... which, will be difficult.