mini zen garden.

i had a project i had wanted to do and i finally got started; building my own miniature zen garden. they're also known as japanese rock gardens, or more accurately; karesansui. the entire idea behind it is fairly simple; get a simple container (in this case, a wooden "bowl"), some fine off-white colored sand, some stones, and a small buddha statue.

my next plan for this will be adding in some small vegetation, but only a tiny bit; on the left side. i will also be adding an area for incense. and lastly; i'll be adding a small wooden rake that i can finish building the sand around the stones and adding in custom grooves.


for another example of a finished zen garden, go here. if you're looking for a full-scale zen garden, go here and here!

the art behind a zen garden is a very serene experience, and i have been fascinated with them (and oriental art and traditions in general) since i was very young. the stones can represent a number of things; mountains–whereas the sand is contrast as an ocean. the grooves in the sand are symbolistic of life's ripples and how everything in life is circular.