easter sunday; lawn bowling in balboa.

this morning Q and i decided to head to easter sunday brunch, at the prado - which has pretty decent food and a glamorous setting. they had a buffet which was quite satisfying! afterwards, we took a walk across the balboa park bridge, towards a small patch of grass across from the dog park.

Q had mentioned to me she always saw older people playing some sort of game, and walking over i noticed that there was two groups of people playing what i thought was bocce ball.


upon further inspection, we got invited to play! it was fun. the gentlemen there is part of the san diego lawn bowling association, and was more than happy to show me the rules. unlike bocce ball, lawn bowling is a little trickier because the balls aren't perfectly round. instead, they are shaped oval (rolling like a wheel). as they slow down they lean to one side or the other. your goal is to get each of your four balls closest to the white "goal" ball. 


Q happened to beat me in this game as her spin was a bit lighter. my first go was much too powerful and my ball ended up in the gutter. i am used to bocce ball where you have a little bit more resistance, but lawn bowling is more about finesse and trying to strategize the curve of your "throw".


afterwards, we walked around balboa park bridge and took plenty of photos the cherry blossom trees, which are our favorite!