san diego: japanese tea garden 8th annual celebration.

if you check out my imagery page, you'll notice i have some photography of our local japanese tea garden. it's quite gorgeous, but the issue that i think everyone has had with it, was that it was simply too small.

well, that has now changed today! i had read last year that they would be expanding the gardens, to a whopping 9-acres around the north and east side. i was surprised because knowing that balboa park will be expanded as well, i thought it would be a few years from now from being finished. this was not so. as Q and i took our somewhat-weekly excursion to balboa park, we were met with thousands of people from all around, trying to get into the gardens.

granted, it's not 100% ready; the plants need time to grow (shubbery, bushes, etc), and they had a small pond that hadn't been filled in yet, but that didn't stop all the people lining up to get a glimpse. being the 8th annual celebration, they decided it was a perfect time because the cherry trees were blossoming! i took a panoramic photo from the tea pavilion, check it out below.

SD Japanese Tea Garden Celebration.jpg