julian: winter wonderland.

back in october of 2012, i posted about visiting julian and all the pumpkin patches of that season. for this season, julian got a surprising two feet of snow. while it is at a higher elevation, it's sometimes exciting to think california really does get snow, just 45 minutes east of san diego. luckily, i had my camera with me.

lastly, we made sure not to skip out on the infamous julian apple pie. seriously, if there was one sole reason to come to souther california... it would be their perfect pies!

2013-02-20 10.20.52 edit1 small.jpg
2013-02-20 10.24.25 edit2 small.jpg
2013-02-20 10.42.53 small.jpg
2013-02-20 10.43.56 small.jpg
2013-02-20 10.53.48 small.jpg
2013-02-20 11.32.47 edit1 small.jpg