home & garden show.

Q and i headed up to del mar's annual home & garden show, where they show off decor for your home, exhibits about greener living, and sell hundreds of plants!

some of the things that excited me were clean, contemporary, modern decks for your backyard; utilizing technology as a way to help you out. in this case, a chicken coop with solar paneling. there was also a fantastic japanese-inspired garden exhibit.

later on in the day, Q and i visited near downtown where she took a photo of me on the suspension bridge.

2013-03-02 13.46.21 edit1 small.jpg
2013-03-02 13.47.20 edit1 small.jpg
2013-03-02 13.47.45 edit1 small.jpg
2013-03-02 13.56.29 edit1 small.jpg
2013-03-02 17.19.10 EDIT small.jpg