food with Q.

it just hit me that i'm pretty sure i eat strawberries nearly once a day! san diego is abundant with fresh, organic, local strawberries.

also, Q looks lovely today, doesn't she?

to top the day off, we visited our favorite local "guilty-pleasure" restaurant; eclipse chocolate. we try to support them for two reasons; we have a ton of respect for them and all they do for san diego, and... their food is incredible. once again, i ordered the slow-cooked eggs benedict with maple gravy and cocoa-burnt pulled pork. this is something we try to have once a month and not once a week - it'd be too easy to do that!

2013-02-30 12.03.41.jpg
2013-02-02 11.04.25.jpg
2013-02-03 10.22.30 HDR.jpg