BGN: #2.

it's that time again! a month has gone by and board game night dos is already here. while january wasn't a successful turn out in terms of friends that showed up (nearly everyone bailed!), it did bring light to what games we liked and which ones we wanted to play for next month.

we had a successful turnout of friends showing up, and got to play a little bit of 'the resistance 2nd edition', and 'food fight'! the resistance wasn't a good turn out as most of my friends were confused about what was going on. i suspect a second play will be better in the future. however, everyone seemed to enjoy cryptozoic's entertaining card game.

i also designed some name tags for everyone to wear. why not take advantage of design in every situation?

2013-02-16 13.52.18 edit1 small.jpg
2013-02-16 21.10.13 edit1 small.jpg