BGN #1.

to celebrate a love of board games and my community of friends, i have recently had the idea to do a 'board game night' at my house. in 2012, most board game events were centered around party games such as 'cards against humanity' or '5 second rule'. these games are excellent and i have nothing against them, but b.g.n. is a way to bring together some of my more focused friends that would like to delve into the realm of intermediate-to-difficult strategy games such as; magic the gathering, food fight, risk, small world, ascension, catan, and anything else we can get our hands on!

tonights games were simple; small world & catan. small world is a bit quicker than catan, but both have amazing features to them. both are about acquiring property, however small world is more fantasy-based, and you win by getting as much coins as you can at the end of the game. you also have a forced limit for how many rounds you can play. catan on the other hand, can last a much longer time, and as you can tell from the artwork, has been around for quite awhile. it requires deep strategy and has fantastic replay-value!

2013-01-19 18.00.09 HDR.jpg
2013-01-19 18.00.48 HDR-2.jpg
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