breaking bad emoji.

this was a fun project i did on the side as a fan of breaking bad, last year. while i only made a version 1 emoji pack of the infamous heisenberg, i had planned on doing all the primary characters of the show. not sure if i'll ever get to them now, but they seem to be popular over on my behance page!



i realized over the new years that hadn't actually posted in a long time – basically half a year of zero updates. for anyone out there wondering how i've been doing, i've been keeping very busy.


image credit: wired

there has been plenty of space news to keep anyone busy for the new year, and i couldn't keep up with posting it all. i am excited though! new horizons is only a few hundred miles away from pluto and we're expected to get high resolution photography of pluto for the first time ever. this is unprecedented really, and a great step for space exploration. according to alan stern of nasa's new horizons team, we can expect pluto to have an actual atmosphere with weather! that's pretty mind-blowing, since most of our preconceptions from decades ago was that pluto was nothing but ice and rock. for anyone curious, we should expect to have high resolution photography of pluto and one of its five moons, charon, around june or july of this year.


image credit: the guardian

last year was an incredibly exciting time for film. here's some flicks that i really enjoyed: the babadook, birdman, edge of tomorrow, the grand budapest hotel, interstellar, john wick, lego movienightcrawler, the raid 2, under the skin.

there are plenty of others, but the above list is probably my favorite. speaking of film, Q and i were able to go to sundance festival again – and just got back last week. the films i think everyone should look out for are partisan and stockholm, pennsylvaniapartisan stars the awesome french actor, vincent cassel in a slight dystopian drama. it's dark and moving and worth not reading up on... watch it blind if you can. stockholm penn. was a pleasant surprise. stars saoirse ronan in her most emotional character yet – a 23 year old who is reunited with her biological parents after living with her kidnapper for 17 years. she basically knows very little about the world and has to rehabilitate into normal society. while her character plays mainly deadpan, i felt that ronan's skills showed an entire world hidden under her character. it's quite the emotional ride, i recommend it.


image credit: tech graphs

i've been eating this new form of food called soylent – imagine a futuristic food in the form of powder... that contains all the nutrients your body needs, and that's basically it! you mix it with water and it's actually quite good. i was able to give some to friends and Q and they all enjoyed it. it tastes very similar to a vanilla whey protein shake – but somehow different. after having it for an entire week, i started wanting it more than i wanted solid foods. i eat particularly healthy, as much as i can, and i feel that oylent could possible shape the future of food. while i would like to have as much unprocessed oylent as i could, maybe even in an organic version, i am quite happy with the product. the company recently raised quite a bit of month last month and will be focusing on quality and primarily better shipping. my shipment took an entire half year to reach my house. their recent location had been in san francisco, but with the new funding (in the millions!) they'll be relocating to los angeles. and that means... quicker shipping for me!

i'm already wishing i hard more, but not to fret, the diy soylent community is quite huge. the community encourages creating your own bulk of powdered food, and working from there. the dedicated subreddit for this food is very helpful and full of individuals looking to make a better version for their own lives (ketogenic, for example). i think the future of soylent is quite bright!


image credit: sebastian copeland

while this past half year has been packed full of film, art, and trips... i am thinking 2015 will be much busier. however, i do hope to start updating my site more regularly. expect to see some new additions to my design and photography pages. i have a ridiculous amount of material to show in my portfolio, so i hope that'll be done before the summer (or sooner).

as for the rest of my personal updates, i hope to spread some light on a surprise i'll be launching later this year! stay tuned.

oathbreaker concert.

just recently i went to che cafe to see a favorite hardcore band, belgium's oathbreaker. the lead singer was very kind to me at the mercy booth and talked a little bit. i welcome her to san diego and awaited the show.

they played a short set of four songs, but they were a whirlwind of fury. if you're a fan of thrash core, hardcore, and shrill vocals, oathbreaker is for you. i took what little photography i could, since che cafe is extremely small and not very well-lit. oh well, it was a lot of fun and i hope they come back!

to see more of oathbreaker, you can see their albums: maelstrøm and eros/anteros. their site is here, facebook here, and twitter here.

full moon.

tonight i was able to get a decent shot of our moon with my old 1950's telescope and my iphone. i'm using a pretty old scope but was proud of this shot. that bright spot (south west area) with the striations coming out of it's crater is known as tycho and you can read more about it here.